Report on Library Seminar


The Centre for Contemporary Theory organized a one day seminar on “Towards Effective Sharing of Library Resources” on March 15, 2008. The seminar was attended by faculty from the Department of Library and Information Science, M. S. University of Baroda; Dr. Lancy Lobo, Director, Centre for Culture and Development; and a few other librarians from various parts of Baroda and its outskirts.   


The seminar was organized keeping in view the possibility of co-operation among the libraries in Baroda to enable the readers to trace the availability of books they wish to read. The seminar focused on four main objectives: inter-relationship among the different types of libraries, throw light on technological development, roles and holdings of different libraries in Baroda. Giving the inaugural address, Dr. Rajaram, Head, Department of Library and Information Science, M. S. University of Baroda brought to focus several aspects of resource sharing among the libraries and gave some guidelines for practical implementation of resource sharing among libraries. While hinting at the inevitability of technological adaptation, she stated that the main hindrance of the idea of resource sharing is the in-built incompatibility between human element and the new technology of storing information. She also suggested that there should be mutual consent and written agreements among the libraries on what they wish to share among themselves. This being one aspect of resource-sharing, Dr. Lancy Lobo threw light on the difference that librarian-reader relationship makes in shaping a good library and a committed reader. He also visualized the importance of resource sharing amid the growing importance of social sciences in India. The librarian from Centre for Culture and Development and Bhasha Research Centre gave brief accounts of the kind of collection they acquired. Nevertheless a raw idea, Nishat Kazi, librarian of the Centre for Contemporary Theory opined that networking of libraries through digitizing of the respective library collection is very much possible and is the need of the hour. In the concluding session there was a brief interactive discussion on how to increase the readership and co-operation among the libraries of the city.