About Us

The Forum on Contemporary Theory fosters an interdisciplinary community of teachers, researchers and students committed to critical thinking in the humanities and social sciences in India and South Asia. We are an independent, autonomous, not-for-profit organization engaging in academic and scholarly activities with close to a thousand life-members. Located outside the university system, FCT nurtures a wide network of scholars and students nationally and globally. Our autonomous nature enables us to forge meaningful connections with the larger public and thinkers outside of conventional academic spaces. FCT believes in strengthening intercultural dialogues among scholars and writers in the Global South concerning issues affecting the contemporary world. Since it's founding nearly three decades ago, FCT has regularly organized conferences, workshops, lectures, and seminars and other activities aimed at bringing distinguished scholars and young academics together for productive conversation on themes of contemporary relevance. FCT also plays a vital role in enhancing the capacity of young scholars in the humanities and social sciences by organizing focused programs across India. The work of FCT is governed by the following objectives:

To foster interdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue through conceptual and theoretical tools;

To enhance reflections that connect theory to everyday practice and social transformation.

FCT has its base in Baroda, India, where we house a specialized library with meeting and research spaces. We welcome new members who are interested in interdisciplinary research, critical thinking and a commitment to theory as a tool for better living.